Tamil Thalaivas Vs Patna Pirates Preview – PRO KABADDI 2018

Season six of Pro Kabaddi 2018 is going to start from 7 october 2018. Tamil Thalaivas Vs Patna Pirates will be the first match of pro kabaddi 2018. Both the teams would be hoping for the decent start of the season. Pro Kabaddi 2018 TAM Vs PAT Dream11 fantasy cricket preview is given here. Pardeep Narwal will once again be a biggest threat for all the teams.

Pardeep Narwal said in a interview, “I will never stop doing the dubki. This season along with the dubki, I have worked on multiple strategic moves to counter our opponents.”

Whereas Tamil Thalaivas captain Ajay Thakur said: “In the previous season our team composition was heavy on youngsters. So, if it happened that I was not on the mat, taking instant decisions was tough. This year, the team has a perfect balance of young and experienced players.”



Tamil Thalaivas

Sukesh Hegde, Darshan J, Manjeet Chillar, Jasvir Singh, K Jayasselan, Atul MS, Chan Sik Park, Anil Sharma, Abhinandan Chandel, D Gopu, Vimal Raj, Jae Min Lee,Ajay Thakur, Amit Hooda, C. Arun, D Pradap,Rajnish

Patna Pirates

Deepak Narwal, Vikas Kale, Kuldeep Singh, Manjeet, Tushar Patil, Surender Singh, Taedeok Eom, Hyunil Park, Jae Min Lee, Vikas Jaglan, Vijay Kumar, Ravinder Kumar,Pardeep Narwal, Jaideep, Jawahar Dagar, Manish Kumar,Parveen Birwal, Arvind Kumar, Vijay


Tamil Thalaivas Vs Patna Pirates Preview:

A Tough Match is expected between both the teams. Despite the likes of Pardeep Narwal its not going be easy for patna pirates. Tamil Thalaiwas have a strong defence & with likes of Amit Hooda & Manjit chillar Patna pirates is going to get a tough game.


Expected 7 For Tamil Thalaivas Vs Patna Pirates:


  1. Pardeep Narwal [ Raider & Captain]
  2. Deepak Narwal [2nd Raider]
  3. Vijay Kumar  [All-Rounder]
  4. Kuldeep Singh [All-rounder]
  5. Jaideep [Defender, Left Corner]
  6. Vikas Kale [Defender, Right Cover]
  7. Ravinder Kumar [Defender, Right Corner]


  1. Ajay Thakur [Raider & Captain]
  2. Sukesh Hegde
  3. Jasvir Singh
  4. Manjit Chillar [Defender]
  5. Amit Hooda [Defender, right Corner]
  6. C. Arun  [Defender, Left Cover]/ Darshan
  7. Sunil [Defender, Left Corner]

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Fantasy Cricket – TAM Vs PAT Dream11 – PKL 2018:

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