Some mind blowing facts about cricket

Before the time when Test matches were limited to five days, there used to be timeless Test matches wherein the play went on until a definitive result was reached.

There were 99 timeless Tests between 1877 and 1939.

Until World War II all Tests in Australia were timeless.

Only two of these matches were drawn, both against England in 1882, when the matches had to be left unfinished owing to shipping schedules.

Cricket and Jack the Ripper

Montague Druitt was a fast bowler who played for the MCC back in the 19th century. In 1888, he was found drowned in the Thames, nearly the same time as the killings by “Jack the Ripper” stopped. The police filed the case as suicide, and Druitt was suspected to be the serial murderer for quite some time. However, in further studies since the 1970s, the theory has almost completely been dispensed with.

The ball that went through the stumps.

The award for the unluckiest bowler has to go to Mushtaq Ahmed. Bowling to Symcox, by some absolute miracle, Ahmed bowled a ball that passed between middle and off stump without dislodging a bail.

What’s in the name..??

The first-class player with the longest surname is a certain Fijian cricketer named IL Bula.

And it literally translates to “returned alive from Nankula hospital at Lakeba island in the Lau group.”

Here are some Interesting facts of cricket.

  1. Sourav Ganguly is the only cricketer to have won four successive Man of the Match awards in One-day Internationals. He has got these four man of the match awards within the 8 days period. (Sept 14 to Sept 21, 1997).

  1. Shahid Afridi has played 350 One-Day International matches, where he scored 7360 runs with 6 centuries and 35 half centuries, but he has not played 100 balls in an innings yet.(He has played 94 balls for his innings 124 (HS)).

  1. David Warner is the only Australian cricketer in the last 100 years of cricket history, who has played his first international match without playing a single first class(domestic) match before that.

  1. Ab de Villiers (Abraham de Villiers) was shortlisted for national hockey and football squads, Captain of SA junior Rugby, is still the holder of six SA school swimming records, the fastest 100m time in SA juniors, a member of SA Junior Davis Cup team, the National Badmintion U-19 champion, received a national medal from Mandela for a science project, has a golf handicap of scratch, can captain, can keep wicket, can bat, can bowl, brilliant fielder. In addition to this, he is a decent singer and his song albums have released in the past years.

Fantasy Sports : Where everyone is a team manager

According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, a whopping 41 million people now play fantasy sports in the US and Canada alone. In 2013, Brian Goff of estimated that NFL fantasy football was worth around $11 billion in revenue. To play a fantasy sport you can sign up on the website, where you are allotted points to buy a team, much like a real league franchise would “buy” players. The real-world performance of the players on your team is translated into points. “With the ability to trade and substitute players in our teams, it is just like being a real sports team manager. There is potential for fantasy sports to grow in India. BCCI started a fantasy site for the IPL T20 in 2012. Gaurav Saxena, project head of digital new media at BCCI, says, “Cricket is now also popular in the US. The use of the ball, the weather — players discuss it all. Here, everyone is a team manager.” No Fantasy Cricket is no betting at all , it is a game of skill and you can play it any day anytime and make money online.

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