How to Line-up an Iron-Clad Betting Strategy for the Upcoming IPL Season

With another iteration of the annual season of the IPL right around the corner, it is yet again a feasible time for R&R, active cricket fans and ardent bookmakers alike. As much as the average cricket fan is ready to witness last-minute finishes, close-game clutches, chokes, great moments, and the overall core experience of a good game of cricket and sportsmanship, the average bookmaker, too, is not far behind.

The bookmaker relies on their teams and their calls as intensively as the team captain, making and breaking strategies spontaneously according to the general dynamics of the game; after all, the fair share of money that the bookmaker generates is indescribable, and money, as we know, is a moving tool.

In this regard, while predictions might be a tedious thing to do, if you are planning on generating a great deal of money by assessing and observing IPL matches, you need to keep the following ideas in mind. You are bound to exponentially increase your income as much as your accuracy in predicting future course of events, whether it is directly related to the game or not. Considering how explosive this year’s IPL is going to be, you would not want to miss out on making a grand or two either—if you want to generate a lucrative amount of money through IPL betting, 2020 is the year. It is to be understood that the following strategies have very little to do with technical ideas, but more to do with pragmatic (and borderline philosophical) ideas. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind in order to ensure fair returns from IPL predictions.

Observe, Follow, and Observe—Homework is Quintessential

The best bookmakers are often ones who are great statisticians too—by no means does that mean that you apply for a mathematics degree at an Ivy League Institute to understand the intricacies of IPL betting—you are simply requested to keep a record of matches and if possible, compile them according to venues or stadiums. This would not only help you to understand player dynamics, but also depict and predict future course of events at a stadium, which becomes quintessential in understanding game outcomes. For instance, statistics suggest that Rohit Sharma is a rather fierce batsman when playing in Mumbai, if not an explosive batsman in stadiums all around the globe—you can bet higher wagers on Rohit Sharma when Mumbai Indians are playing a home game, and so on. Once you start recording statistics and keep a track of patterns as per old records, you are bound to make tremendous amounts of money—for as we know, history repeats itself. So you should check different and play only at Best online Roulette Sites .

The other bit regarding statistics stems from the idea of understanding conditions—both pitch and weather. It is mere observational skills and not rocket science that will earn you a fat cheque when it comes to IPL betting. For instance, it is rather cretinous to call a 200+ chase at the Eden Gardens, but calling the same shot at Chinnaswamy would not be as asinine as it may seem to the uninitiated eye. In any case, the only way you will make money out of IPL betting is if you observe, follow, and observe matches, essentially trying to understand patterns.

Short Term Calls, Long Term Goals—Every Drop Counts

Building momentum is just as important in IPL betting as it is in a competitive game of test cricket—stabilising that momentum and ensuring steady increases is important to ensure more returns as well as lesser leakage of monetary losses—this is where moderation and steady progression of wagers becomes significant to ensure maximum income. When you are putting forth a great deal of money into betting, it is important to segment and distribute your wager as much as it is important to progressively keep increasing the said wagers, instead of being reckless and splurging it all at once—remember, a good bookmaker is never impulsive.

In a similar context, you should refrain from making big fat bets all at once.  You need to understand that the social-media life of glamour is ridden with major inconsistencies, for they only show you the brighter side of betting, where money splurged is proportionately related to profit earned, but the ruthless, real-world usage of online betting is far from bright. The real world of online betting has risks gargantuan enough to make one go bankrupt overnight, and therefore it becomes important to place small wagers and progress steadily.

Remember, enjoy a good game of cricket, but never at the cost of going bankrupt.


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