Why is cricket called a “Gentleman’s game” ?

Why is cricket called a “Gentleman’s game” ?

Cricket, once considered to be a Gentleman’s Game, is now no longer the same. Is this really true, was Always Illusory or Just another Artificial Construct. If this is the case, why is it so?

The Spirit and Qualities with which the Cricket was once played and which cricket has managed to retain, to a certain extent, is the only Thing that make’s it a Gentleman’s game. the players have to abide by the ‘Spirit of the Game’, which should guide the players’ conduct. Some of the qualities that make cricket a gentleman’s game are: respect for your umpires, opponent,  spectators and the game, fair and honest play. Good conduct on and off the field and so on. Players such as MS Dhoni , Adam Gilchrist, Sachin Tendulkar And Rahul Dravid .  A few have always played the game in the right spirit without compromising on competitiveness. Nowadays, We cannot Call the cricket called a ‘gentleman’s game’ Any more. With a growing cases of altercation on the field between players, cheating, undue aggression, lack of respect for opponents and umpires, cricket can no longer claim the tag.

One of the main reasons is the History of the game itself. Cricket has always been Presented as a Gentleman’s game. Also fans and commentators, Usually hold to outdated expectations about the men playing the game.The craze of cricket could be easily understood . when people Talk about Gulli Cricket, Fantasy Games . They  show their madness whenever their Country is playing any high voltage match .

Only In IPL 2018 the Industry’s betting amount has jumped from Rs 6,000 crore in IPL-1 to Rs 40,000 crore Rupees (60 Bn USD) . With more and More Cricket Betting Sites opening every year. Betting has become more Feasible and fair. A whopping 41 million people now play Online Betting in the US and Canada alone.

Moreover, of the cricket fans are Biased . We like Batting more than Bowling. And What it results is that the Bowlers Never get the Credit of the Efforts they have put In the Game.

Cricket is still a gentleman’s game. Whenever a batsman Leaves the pavilion , Without waiting for decision Of the Umpire , Till that day We can call Cricket is Still a gentleman’s game. Such Kind of things Still Makes us to Believe That Cricket is Still A Gentleman’s Game.

Various cricket tournaments are held every year  Including, T20s , IPL,  and international Cups. People can never lose interest from Cricket, Merely By watching a few Incidents of fixing of matches and other  Such Practices. But Today looking the way, How the game is being played, It’s Hard to Find anything gentlemanly about cricket these days.


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